Just Fundedb& $137,000 in Account Receivable Financing

Just Fundedb& $30,500 when Denied at 4 Other Lenders
April 18, 2017
Just Fundedb& $100,500 in 4 Days
April 18, 2017

One of our electrical contractor clients just secured $137,000 in account receivable financing!
They were looking to get more of their profits re-invested into their business, but instead were waiting up to 90 days just to get paid on work they had done!
So we secured $137,000 in account receivable financing so now they get 80% of their funds next day after their receivable comes in, instead of waiting months to get paid.
And they get the other 20% less their discount when the invoice is paid.
This has helped them get paid faster, increase their profit margins, and now theybre growing their business at a rapid pace!
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